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Freguently Asked Questions

Consumers frequently have questions about our products, whether they are buying a stainless steel gas grill or an energy efficient copper lantern. Below are our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find your question or concern discussed below, Please give us a call at 985-966-8814 or e-mail us at creativelighting@gmail.com.

Q. What height should my light be?
A. An average height for most wall-mounted fixtures is 6' from the finished floor. This should be at the base of the fixture for gas stub out.

NOTE: Electric boxes should be 6" to 8"? Higher.

Q. What are my options in copper lantern designs?
A. You can get any style with any combination of the following:
* Spinning's
* Scrolls
* Glass or Copper tops
* Half yoke
* Full yoke
* Natural Gas
* Propane or LP
* Electric with standard bulb or candelabra bulbs
* Auto shut off in gas
* Electronic Ignition/ auto shut-off in gas

Q. How much do they burn?
A. Fixtures are rated at 3500 BTU per hour

Q. What size gas line do I need to hook up?
A. Fixtures come ready to connect to 1/4" flared fitting. The feed to the exterior wall surface needs to conform to your local code.

Q. Will my light go out?
A. Yes, The fixtures are open flame burners and in high wind and rainy conditions, they can be extinguished. Relighting will be required. However, an auto ignite system will keep the copper lantern lit and relight it if extinguished.

Q. How do I determine the size gas logs that will fit my fireplace?
A. Typically measuring the back of your firebox will be a good guide for the size logs that will fit your fireplace. Depending on the type of burner, system used will also determine the size log set needed. Please call us for us for assistance.